Spotted Event Handler

Device Spotted notifications

In addition to device requests which are an active end-to-end communication with the device, Blecon also supports Device Spotted notifications.

Whenever a device on your network comes into the range of a Blecon Hotspot, an event is generated on the Blecon Service. The device does not need to actively perform any action for this event to be generated.

You can see these events in your network log or you can subscribe to them in the same way as Device Requests.

Included in the notification are:

  • ID of device

  • Location of device

  • Network

Device Spotted event notifications are typically used for tracking the location and movement of devices.

An example Spotted request JSON document looks like this:

  "message_type": "DEVICE_SPOTTED",
  "account_id": "2AKvnTJlm4mtAORqiVobHXBV0Fb",
  "network_id": "2AKwJ5REoRZj1h3UsyPpgwI5EyK",
  "device_id": "0d7ddbbb-3c08-4789-bfef-04a6491a1617",
  "location": "52.1252136,0.1611648"

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