Blecon Hotspots

The Blecon App enables any smartphone to act as a Blecon Hotspot, providing connectivity to Blecon Devices. It's available for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows platforms. We also provide a dedicated hotspot device.

You can download the app by visiting

Hardware hotspots provide dedicated hardware gateway solutions.

Blecon App Overview

We have built the Blecon App according to the following design goals:

Zero configuration

There's no configuration of the Blecon App. Once it's installed, it's working.


The Blecon App does not have access to any requests that flow across it, which is secure end to end. Additionally, no state or identity of any kind is associated with the Blecon App.

Any Device, Any Hotspot

Any device can use any hotspot to communicate. Devices are not tied to any particular hotspot, and there is no need to pair devices.

The Blecon Network manages the hotspots in range of a device and ensures that they are used efficiently.

Using the Blecon App


The Blecon App operates in the background and is activated when a Blecon Device is in range. It requires Bluetooth permissions to communicate with the device and Location permissions, which are used to report the location of devices.

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