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Blecon Networks

Blecon Devices are connected to a Blecon Network. A Blecon Network defines a relationship between Devices and your web application.
A Blecon Network controls the behaviour of devices which are connected to that network, including:
  • Web service that device requests are routed to
  • Handlers for logging events and device spotted tracking events
  • Workflow when devices are connected to the network
  • Behaviour when a device is scanned after connection
You can create as many Blecon Networks as you require. Typically, you would configure a network for your production web service deployment and another for each of your test/staging deployments.
Blecon Devices will make requests that appear as HTTP POSTs at the request handler URIs you specify.
Configuring your request handlers
As you would expect, your application will need to return a 200 (OK) response to Blecon. Any other type of response will mean that the device will be notified of a failed request and will typically retry later.