Device Basics

Device Identity
Blecon Devices internally generate globally unique Device ID and security material at manufacture time. This simplifies the manufacturing process and avoids the risks introduced by having to handle or inject secrets.
As the Device ID is unique, it provides an easy way to identify a device and index into your own databases.
The built-in security automatically uses public cryptography to ensure data is encrypted between the device and cloud, and that you can trust communication is with a specific device. This means devices can't be spoofed and gateways need not be trusted. Every device has its own unique credentials.
Device Connection
When a device is manufactured, it has its own identity. However, before it is connected to a Blecon Network it cannot make any requests. For more information, read Connecting Devices.
Device Communication
Blecon Devices communicate with your application using a familiar request/response model.
Blecon manages and translates the communication from Bluetooth devices into HTTP requests that are received by and responded to by your application. For more information, see Device Communication.