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With Blecon, connected Bluetooth devices behave like any other HTTP client such as a browser or app. Your application will see HTTP requests and you decide how they are handled.

Blecon is designed for product builders. The design goal is to provide simple and unobtrusive network infrastructure that supplies a flow of requests to your application. Device connection is flexible. You can get started with a Blecon-hosted user experience, or you can handle the entire flow in your own application.

For more information, start with the Blecon Introduction.

The Blecon model

When a Bluetooth device is connected to a Blecon Network, it has access to a request/response-based communication API. Blecon routes device requests to your web application via any phone or device running the Blecon App.

Inside your web application, you can handle the incoming requests in any way you decide is suitable. Depending on the device and the request being made, your application may need to return a specific response.

Handling device requests

Requests from devices report information such as sensor measurements. For some devices, they may also require a response. For example, if a device requests its configuration settings.

You handle these requests in a Request Handler. In addition to the required device request handler, there are also Log and Spotted event handlers. Read about how to configure and use these handlers in Request Handlers.

Your system architecture

Blecon works with any cloud, any framework, and any language. How you handle the requests is up to you.

With each Blecon request, you will receive a Device ID as well as other headers. You may choose to correlate this Device ID to suit your application. For example, you may internally associate a Device ID with a certain location or customer.

The Blecon Configuration API

With Blecon, device communication is delivered to your application as an HTTP request.

However, to configure your network and account, you use either the Blecon Console or the Blecon Configuration API.

When you have created a custom Device Connection flow, you also use the Configuration API to add devices to a network.

See Blecon Configuration API for documentation of the available API operations.

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