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Connecting Devices

A summary of the options for connecting devices to your Blecon Network
Connecting devices to your Blecon Network is quick and straightforward. Whenever you connect a device to your Blecon network, it can instantly connect to your cloud application using any Blecon Access Point (Blecon App or physical gateway) without pairing.
How connection works
The principle of connecting a device on Blecon is simple. There are two pieces of information that need to be joined together:
  1. 1.
    The Device ID. This is a globally unique ID generated internally by the device at first boot.
  2. 2.
    The Network ID. This is set when you create your network.
Blecon operates on a first-to-claim basis. Adding the Device ID to your network claims the device and connects it to your network. Once a device has been connected, it can't be connected to any other network until disconnected.
When and how to perform the connection
Blecon provides the ability to connect devices at any stage of your device supply chain. How you connect devices depends on your use case.
Consider Pre-Connection if...
Consider In-Field connection if...
All your devices are part of the same product/service
You are using a generic device manufactured by an OEM
Your devices are manufactured especially for you
Your devices are general-purpose devices and are supplied to a variety of customers each with their own integration needs
All devices are for the same customer
You want to hook into the connection flow to perform your own customer onboarding
See Pre-connection
The various stages where you can perform connection