KKM Accelerometer

Getting started with Blecon using the KKM Accelerometer
This Getting Started guide walks you through the process of connecting the KKM Accelerometer to a cloud application.
We use the KKM Accelerometer as an example of a finished Blecon Enabled device. All production devices will follow the same connection process.
Manufacturer: KKM, Shenzen, China
The KKM B1 Accelerometer is a low-cost Blecon Enabled device that can detect and upload movement events.
The device is Rechargeable and IP67 waterproof, packaged in a small and light form factor.
The KKM B1

How to obtain a sample device

To follow this guide, you will need a KKM B1. You can now request Early Access to Blecon and KKM B1 Accelerometer Sensors and receive a free device for testing, subject to availability and conditions.

Getting Started Walkthrough

There are two parts to this guide:
  1. 1.
    Connecting a Device, where you will create a network and connect your device. Start here!
  2. 2.
    Handling Device Requests, where you will configure your network to route requests to your web application