Connecting Devices

Connecting devices to your Blecon Network is quick and straightforward.


  1. 1.
    Scan a network QR code from the Blecon Console
  2. 2.
    Tap a device
First, scan a Network ID. You can do this by using your camera app on the Network QR code you will find in the Console. You then need to scan a device.
In most cases, you can use NFC to scan a device. Tapping a device with your smartphone will open the Blecon Scanner, which is a simple web service to help you connect devices.
For more details, see the detailed Getting Started guide for your device.


A device is either Connected or Disconnected. When a device is connected, it does not necessarily mean it is currently able to make requests, but that it belongs to a particular Blecon Network and is able to use it.
Here's a look at some aspects of both states.
Can be connected to any network by anyone who knows the Device ID
Can only be disconnected by the owner of the Network it is connected to
Cannot make requests
Can make requests when in range of a Blecon Hotspot
Has no relation to any particular Blecon Network
All requests from the device are routed according to the configuration of the connected Blecon Network
For more information on the device connection flow, see Device Connection.