Blecon for device builders
When you add Blecon support to your device, you gain access to a request/response-based communication API that operates over Bluetooth Low Energy. In addition, Blecon takes care of device identification, device connection and provisioning, time services, and secure communication with the Blecon network service.
For more information, start with the Blecon Introduction.

Adding Blecon support to a device

A device supports Blecon using a Blecon Modem implementation, the core of which is Bluetooth Low Energy Firmware designed for embedded microcontrollers.
The Blecon Modem is available in a variety of forms to suit your use case.

Blecon Modem Prototyping Breakout

The simplest for prototyping is the Blecon Modem breakout board. This is a self-contained and zero-configuration module which is suitable for both prototyping and production use. Your MCU communicates with the modem over SPI or a UART connection to use the Blecon Command Protocol.
The Blecon Modem breakout also features a USB connection for prototyping using the Blecon Modem CLI.
The Blecon Modem Breakout is now available to Early Access participants. For more information on the modem, see Seeed Modem Breakout and Using the Blecon Modem.
Follow the Seeed Modem Quickstart to start sending requests using the Blecon Modem.

Blecon Modem Production Modules

Certified modem modules for direct integration in to your product alongside a host MCU provide the simplest way for rapid development and deployment.
For more details, please contact us.

Blecon Modem Firmware

Firmware modem for direct integration alongside your application to run on a Bluetooth enabled MCU.
Our reference implmentation is based on the Nordic nRF52 family of Bluetooth Low Energy MCUs:
For more details, please contact us.